Lidia celebrates the French Revolution by spending a day full of fun and food with celebrity chef Jacques Pepin at his lovely Connecticut home. Jacques and Lidia host a Bastille Day party for a few dozen French-Americans, preparing an array of dishes in Jacques’ incredible kitchen–including a creamy scrambled egg appetizer served stylishly on giant ladles, warm clams with pesto, savory crepes with Gruyere and ham, veal, and pate. The “piece de resistance” for Lidia is a special brioche dessert–a nod to Marie Antoinette’s famously callous line to the poor masses who could not afford bread: “Let them eat cake!”

Lidia and guests play the traditional French lawn bowling game petanque and sing the classic French song, La Complainte de la Butte, and other French classics with noted singer/songwriter Martha Wainwright. Jacques shares with Martha his memories of cooking with Julia Child, how he met Lidia, and displays his colorful hand-drawn illustrated menu book, featuring signatures of those he’s prepared meals for within his 45-years of cooking, including Lidia’s Bastille Day party.

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